Why the need?

 Occupational health staff are seeing increasing numbers of people experiencing signs and symptoms of mental health conditions.

These conditions, if left unchecked can be seriously debilitating, affecting not only the person themselves, but their families, friends and colleagues.


Course Outline

  • At the end of the course participants should:
  • Understand why mental health conditions are so prevalent in the 21st century
  • Learn what signs and symptoms are easy to identify
  • Understand the difference between axis 1 and axis 2 disorders
  • Identify what can be done when a client is suffering from a mental health condition


Trainees will receive:

  • An increased confidence when encountering mental health conditions
  • Training in line with up to date research and respected texts
  • An outline of the facilities available for signposting
  • Available treatments
  • Training in the use of semi-structured interviewing techniques to assess client suitability for cognitive behavioural interventions

The Course Methodology


Mind health Development always aim to teach in a friendly atmosphere utilising the experience of those within the room.


We draw upon the knowledge of several disciplines from psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy.

Course Details


This course is over two days.

Day one covers an introduction and an overview of axis 1 disorders

Day two incorporates a recap of day one and an overview of axis two disorders