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Building emotional resilience for you or your organisation can be a rewarding journey.
And we are happy to advise whether you wish to explore developmental change or a reduction in stress, anxiety or depression.

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With many years of experience helping individuals, teams and corporations with building emotional resilience , we are here to help you development and implement strategies to reduce the impact of:

stress, anxiety and depression.

With helping organisations across the UK, Europe and the US, we have customisable packages to enable you to reach your targets and goals.

Please feel free to contact us and we are happy to advise.

Book Publications

Authored by the same people running our sessions and workshops, our methods and experiences with helping everyone to live more fulfilled lives have been published in a range of popular books.

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Articles & Podcasts

Provided to everyone right here on our Mind Health Development website we have monthly articles and podcasts as resources for anyone looking for advice and information on a number of issues that can impact people lives in a negative way.

With guest writers for our Articles and seasonal topics covered in our podcasts with the team there is something for everyone.

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An unexpected explosion detonates near a group of people as they sit quietly drinking tea. A flash and a bang followed by smoke and dust, muffled screaming heard through sound blasted ears and then the pain; something from the bomb has torn into your flesh. You feel the blood, warm and now liberated rushes to… Read More

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‘I fear that I will die and I will never see my children again,’ said the lady in front of me with tears in her eyes who seemed perfectly healthy, at least physically, as we discussed her anxiety. I heard this twice more that same day from two other people. I’ve heard it every day… Read More

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Figure 1 Getting angry isn’t necessary when we learn CPD Many of the people that I work with find themselves stressed by work. Frequently they mention that they are surrounded by people they see as difficult, awkward to deal with or downright obstructive. It can be work colleagues, their manager or the clients or customers… Read More

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The first official mental health awareness week occurred in 2001 and without a doubt there are now far more conversations about mental health and emotional resilience than ever before. The mental health foundation, on their website, identify that they have raised awareness on topics including stress, loneliness, sleep disorders and alcohol problems amongst many others.… Read More

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Figure 1 Have you been misled about faith? A few weeks ago, Rick wrote about the benefits of spirituality with regards to our psychological health. I would suggest you have a look over what he had to say after reading this informative piece. Here, Rick sets out to reiterate the benefits of faith and religion… Read More

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Moving Forward Last week we took a quick glance at Rick’s take on the first phase of a divorce or separation which highlighted the importance of accepting the reality of the situation whilst putting in the requisite effort to maintain a balanced outlook. In this brief piece we will move on and take a sneak… Read More

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Most of us make them. Not many of us keep them. So is there anything we can do to make better and more meaningful resolutions and stick to them?Yes there is. And in this podcast we hear the guys giving out some great advice and start off a mini series on achieving goals. Is Glyn’s new… Read More

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Hard Truths and Altered Realities In our last article we identified that our colleague, Rick, had written a book on how to have a happy divorce or separation. Many of us will feel sad that such a book is necessary today, but the sad truth is more and more relationships are ending in divorce and… Read More

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Happy New Year everyone, you’ve fulfilled a resolution already by coming back to visit us in 2019 You don’t have to be depressed to experience January blues. One of our gang confesses that he suffers (or did) from this annual mood dip. Join Glyn, Rick and Dave as we find how he overcome it and… Read More

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