Sessions, Courses & Workshops

With many years of experience helping individuals, teams and corporations with building emotional resilience , we are here to help you development and implement strategies to reduce the impact of:

stress, anxiety and depression.

With helping organisations across the UK, Europe and the US, we have customisable packages to enable you to reach your targets and goals.

Please feel free to contact us and we are happy to advise.

Book Publications

Authored by the same people running our sessions and workshops, our methods and experiences with helping everyone to live more fulfilled lives have been published in a range of popular books.

our books

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Articles & Podcasts

Provided to everyone right here on our Mind Health Development website we have monthly articles and podcasts as resources for anyone looking for advice and information on a number of issues that can impact people lives in a negative way.

With guest writers for our Articles and seasonal topics covered in our podcasts with the team there is something for everyone.