Course Outline

 The Two Day Workshop.

Course Overview

The two day workshop will prepare managerial staff for the difficulties of working with any number of staff feeling stressed whilst learning how to reduce the potential for stress taking hold in the first place.

Stress in the workplace is taken very seriously by the HSE and any manager or employer has to understand their responsibilities.

On this course you will learn:

  • The extent of the problem
  • What stress actually is?
  • How to identify stress
  • Management standards
  • Strategies for reducing workplace stress
  • How to manage the stressed employee
  • How to manage successful return to work strategies

Advantages to your team

With this condition passing epidemic proportions in the western world and more time being lost from work as a result of it, then any organisation wanting to take stress seriously will prepare their managers and supervisors accordingly.

Positive benefits include –

Healthier personnel

Less time lost from work

Happier workforce

Greater reliability

Greater productivity

Greater loyalty

Massively increased motivation

Reduction in potential for litigation

The Course Methodology

The methodology that forms the basis for this course is taken from the popular book ‘Think yourself happy – The simple 6-step programme to change your life from within’ by Dr Rick Norris.

Each delegate will receive a copy of the book as part of the training.

Course Details

Teaching methods will include the use of active learning techniques to encourage participation through discussion, case exercises, experiential activities and small group work.