Why the need?

 With these conditions passing epidemic proportions in the western world and more time being lost from work as a result of them; then any organisation which takes steps to prepare their staff or members from these almost inevitable difficulties gains the advantage.

Positive benefits include –

  • Healthier personnel
  • Less time lost from work
  • Happier workforce
  • Greater reliability
  • Greater productivity
  • Greater loyalty
  • Massively increased motivation


Course Outline

Using the tried and tested techniques of Mind Health Development model of therapy for groups, your staff will almost immediately learn how to think more positively, deal with the stress in their lives, find healthier coping strategies and raise their mood.

The workshop also shows people how they can avoid these difficulties in the future; almost immunizing people against these mental difficulties.

Ideal for small groups of people for whom time is a premium commodity, the two day intensive workshop can really prove to be a God send for anyone living in today’s fast-paced society.

Course Overview

  • At the end of the course participants should:
  • Understand why stress, anxiety and depression are so prevalent in the 21st century
  • Understand how our mind adopts a negative thinking pattern when we become stressed, anxious and depressed
  • Be able to explain why some people are more prone to stress, anxiety and depression than others
  • Be able to utilise the tools of the Mind Health Development methodology to help change clients’ thinking patterns to allow them to think more positively for reduced stress, anxiety, depression and increased self esteem.

Trainees will receive:

  • An historical overview of why psychological illness is more prevalent today than ever before
  • An understanding of the biological processes of anxiety and depression
  • A thorough knowledge of the Mind Health Development model of cognitive behavioural interventions including:
  1. Use of Positive ‘DVDs’
  2. Challenges to common thinking errors
  3. Problem solving skills
  4. Well Formed Outcomes
  5. Increased self awareness

The Course Methodology

The methodology that forms the basis for this course is taken from the popular book ‘Think yourself happy – The simple 6-step programme to change your life from within’ by Dr Rick Norris.

The course will provide delegates with a unique understanding of how the mind works. Participants will acquire the behavioural and psychological skills that are necessary for greater Emotional Intelligence.

Each delegate will receive a copy of the book as part of the training.