The Water Carrier – in a nutshell

The Chronicles of Alfie Finch: The Water Carrier

The Water Carrier is a gritty novel about 15 year old Alfie who has a troubled home life and is mercilessly bullied at school. But his world is about to change.£153 Together with his friends Leroy and Ami, Alfie discovers the secret life of the school caretaker from Croatia, Bilic. Alfie persuades Leroy, Ami and Bilic to help him with his dream of becoming a star footballer and the novel charts the ups and downs of the journey towards Alfie’s goal, which involves the three of them combating violence, homophobia and racism.

The book is an interesting read for adolescents, not only is it a gripping story but it also contains valuable lessons in positive thinking.

A word from Glyn:

I really hope you enjoy the book. It was great fun writing it although it took a great deal of work. And please help me tell the world that until the download version makes £20000, all of those profits will go to Children in Need.


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