The Miracle Question

Whatever it is that we need to do in life we first need to be motivated. Whether it be to de-clutter a room, make a difficult phone call or put in the effort required to overcome depression, putting in the work can sometimes seem like a Herculean task. When Rick and I are working with our clients we give them a series of seven questions aimed at motivating them to put in the required work; these seven questions are called Well Formed Outcomes. Well Formed Outcomes can be used anywhere but might be a little cumbersome for everyday use so for me I take one of them out and about and use whenever needed. This I call my ‘miracle question’. So what is it? The question is: Is the outcome worth the effort?

When faced with a task that I just can’t seem to jump into I ask myself the miracle question. If the kids want to go to the park to play football but the couch is very comfortable, I ask myself the question and immediately see them having a great deal of fun kicking the ball around, getting fitter, being happier. If I have calls to make, I ask the question and see the work that I might earn as a result or the help the call might offer people.

Is the outcome worth the effort? One word of warning; use carefully. It motivates indiscriminately.

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