Stress – Some Causes

We all have our own ideas of what is causing the stress problems in the UK workforce, but every now and again it helps to be little more objective.

Two separate sources of information have provided us with an interesting list of possible precipitators to a build up of stress causing ill-health and time off work. The main source for this information is the HSE website.

The Labour Force Survey, which collected data between 2009 and 2012 arrived at the following causes of stress:

  1. Workload (incl. tight deadlines, too much work, pressure or responsibility)
  2. Lack of managerial support
  3. Violence, threats and bullying

The GP reporting network for work related diseases (THOR), identified these three main reasons for stress:

  1. Work pressure and lack of managerial support
  2. Changes at work, including reduction in staff and changes to work responsibility
  3. Interpersonal relationships at work including, bullying and difficulties with managers

Two separate surveys both identified the same causes, which seems like something of a call to action for the world of Occupational Health.

At Mind Health Development, we would love to hear of the strategies your organisation has put in place to address these issues. Some reflections on good practice might be a pointer for the rest of us.

Have you as an individual or your Occupational Health department found a way to break down some of the barriers that we face when trying to target stress?

Your thoughts are always most welcome.

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