Simple Yet Effective

I like my old car (111000 miles and counting). It’s paid for and owes me nothing but it was looking a little tatty so I thought I’d treat myself to some new wheel trims.

So off to a famous car care store and I priced them up. Own brand about £30. The easiest thing to have done was hand over the cash and go home and fit them. But I was in no rush so I popped up the road to a local shop to check them out. Own brand £14.Hub caps

The first point I’m trying to make isn’t about frugality, though this can reduce stress in difficult times, but making the right choices can be good for us. I was pleased with the return for very little effort.

So off home I went to fit them. But there was a problem. One was broken and another scratched. It’s at this point in the story that I could have easily become frustrated; magnifying the issue would have been so easy but would have only bothered me. So back to the shop without turning a mole hill into a mountain. The second healthy choice of the day.

The man was very pleasant and offered to replace them immediately. He didn’t even examine – excellent customer service as he made me feel shaking handstrusted and welcome. But I asked him to examine the second set. And we found a small scratch. And these were the last set.

To be honest, this little scratch wasn’t ideal but I’m not too fussy so I made an offer – Nothing ventured nothing gained. I suggested I would take them in that condition if he threw in a bottle of screen wash. I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t have tried to sweeten the deal. And if it didn’t suit him he could say no. But he agreed. A third stroke of luck brought about by making the right decision.

My car now has shiny, new wheel trims and fresh screen wash and three choices I made today were productive and reinforce to me that the world can be a smooth and easy place in which to live.

All three choices required a little effort or a bit of a push but my car is thanking me for making them.

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