Christmas – Make it Wonderful

Christmas is great. But it can also become a time when pressures seem to overwhelm, arguments ensue and other problems raise an ugly head.

But one or two simple tips can help us to make the most of the holidays.

ScroogeOne of our favourites here at MHD is to plan for Positive DVDs for each day. Those of you who are more familiar with our techniques, will already know that Positive DVDs are the happy memories that are stored in our sub-conscious minds.

So making a plan for a Positive DVD each day over Christmas in advance of them happening will add to its likelihood of occurring and will constantly be a reminder to us of pleasantness ahead.

Some examples might be knowing what film you are all, as a family, going to settle down to on Christmas night when the you have a chance to relax, a special Turkey leftover recipe for Boxing Day that everyone can really look forward to or can you go for a walk post dinner where you also take the opportunity to take in the garden decoration displays that people have set up with great pride?

A little planning will help; knowing when you might fit these mini events in and who will be there is great, but too rigid a structure might be unrealistic over the festive period.Cracker

Try getting each member of the family to plan something and then give the event a fun rating when it is complete.

Give the Positive DVD planning a try and have a very merry Christmas.

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